about aletheia

Mission Statement

Exploring underlying health problems, identifying and modifying disease processes in the body, and moving towards a state of wholeness to harmonise physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspect of well-being.


“Couldn’t be happier with Aletheia Naturopathy! Thea is very professional and has helped me overcome a variety of ailments” – Tristan

Thea Rogers

Thea Rogers is a degree qualified Naturopath, with a passion for mental health and optimising well-being through providing the necessary intervention and support that will allow the bodies innate healing mechanisms to restore balance and health.

These include nutritional intervention, herbal medicine, flower essence therapy and dietary and lifestyle modification. Physical examination techniques and referral for testing may be utilised to support case building and inform best treatment.

Thea works in a person-centred, holistic manner, interweaving traditional naturopathic knowledge alongside current evidence-based treatment to provide practical and sustainable treatment plans for individuals.

Through her own lived experience and her previous study of Art Therapy, Thea has a strong passion for caring for the mind while seeking to understand the deeper meaning of unique individual mental health challenges.

As a foundation for ongoing, prosperous health, Thea believes it is important to support the body’s complex biochemical needs through returning to whole foods and optimising nutrition, incorporating daily movement and removing obstacles and disturbing factors that prevent the body from healing.

Thea also has a passion for herbal manufacturing, having learnt the art of making herbal tinctures as part of her other part time work. She continues to grow her knowledge of plants and their unique active components.

“the natural force in each one of us is the greatest force in getting well”