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Tuesday 8am-1.30pm pm in Clinic

Tuesday 2pm-6.30pm Online

Thursday 2pm-6.30pm Online

Online sessions available as per request where possible.

144 Balemo Drive
Ocean Shores, NSW 2483

Phone 0422 718 793

Pricing for Naturopathy

Initial Consultation & Individualised Treatment Plan

Duration: 75 mins

Price: $120

What’s involved:

  • An overview of your presenting condition(s) and related signs and symptoms
  • A thorough look at things pertaining to your presenting condition(s) including allergies, medical history, family history, lifestyle and dietary factors.
  • A review of body systems that may be compromised, impacted or under functioning due to your health history.
  • Any other relevant case taking questions and/or physical examinations in support of gathering an in-depth view of your current health status.


From here we will work with you to create a treatment plan tailored to your goals and this will be sent to you. The plan will include any indicated prescriptions and will be sent after your consultation.

Return Consultation

Duration: 40 minutes

Price: $80

What’s involved:

  • A review of how your treatment plan went and any new information including test results, reactions to treatment, things that worked or didn’t work. A chance to go over any questions and adjust the treatment accordingly.


Treatment may be ongoing, updated or a new treatment plan sent to you based on your current health and goals.

Acute Consultation

Duration: 20 minutes

Price: $40

What’s involved:

  • For acute health presentations only.
  • Quick review of presenting symptoms, important medical history and medications.
  • Acute herbal prescription or advice.

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    – Thomas Carlyle